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USMW Professional Series Max Cooling Kits

The Max Cooling Kit line combines two of our most popular primary products: the water pump and fan clutch, a pairing that optimizes functionality and efficiency. This kit was designed for vehicles where the fan clutch is mounted to the water pump and operates on the water pump shaft.

With over 100 SKUs covering 54 million vehicles, the Max Cooling Kit bridges that elusive sales gap many stores experience between water pumps and their corresponding fan clutches. Reinstalling a worn fan clutch on a new water pump can damage and destroy the new water pump, and vice-versa. The interconnected nature of these two components are often overlooked during the replacement process, but the Max Cooling Kit allows stores, mechanics and DIY consumers the opportunity to restore the engine cooling power to maximum efficiency in one step.

• Restore cooling power • Complete with water pump and fan clutch
• Save time and labor with one SKU • Includes gaskets, and applicable hardware